Week 2—Ruth Perlman

Hello All,
Just a word to fill you in and set up our next workshop.  To everyone who couldn’t make it to the last meeting, we missed you!  To all who came, thanks for sharing your work and your reactions to what we read.
Now for next week:  if you are already working on something, keep going with it. If you’d like to have it discussed next week, you can post it to our new online site (Thanks, Elaine!), or email it to this list.  It’s so much better if we can read it in advance.  So please try to get it out by Monday evening.
For all who haven’t written something yet, here’s the suggested exercise for the week.  Write a list of five-ten personal qualities or characteristics that are the opposite of your own.  Then mentally “interview” a person who has those qualities about something that happened to him/her.  The character’s response to your questions becomes the basis for a story.  It can be written in first or third person, but it is all told from his point of view.  Don’t struggle over this!  It’s just away to move us out of our comfort zone of characterization and let us play with personalities of people very different from ourselves.
Finally, as always, try to bring something you have written.  If you don’t have time to write, come anyway.  The more people we have, the richer the experience of discussing each other’s work.
See you Tuesday evening.


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