Arthur—Elaine Bonow


Arthur believed that his name gave him a certain authority. He liked the fact that people deferred to him when he was doing mundane chores. He thought of King Arthur and Arthur the Great. Slightly mispronounced he became the author or Author, Author the Al Pacino movie. In his real life though, he was just a wanna be giant among men. For one he was short and rather round. One would think an Arthur would be tall and slim with a great shock of reddish blonde hair. He had no hair.

Art should have been his nickname but no one had ever shouted out “Hey Art wanna play some basketball?’ they would say “Arthur would you like to go the theater?” but they would say TH-EA-TRE, very posh sounding and very sincere. He was a very sincere man. He liked having a name that made him seem important, despite his size.

He liked to dress well and in his job he made enough money to by good clothes and have them tailored to fit his rather short legs and wide girth.

Women found him… .


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  1. Elaine here I wonder what will happen to Arthur and his women. I liked this exercise that Ruth gave us. It is so different from thinking about what you are going to write to just throw something on the page.

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