For Next Week

Hi All,

Also we will start with Nick’s posted story next week.  It was put up a little late for us all to have read it last week.

I wanted to review some of the takeaways from our meeting.
First and foremost, a story is something that happens to someone, a event that has the power to change something for them.
Brick House:  Family- and home-loving narrator, in a moment of multiple crises, decides to take a chance at happiness with ex-fiancee.
Toast:  Conservative Andrea comes home one night and walks in on a situation well beyond her comfort zone and finds a way to deal with it.
Seriously?:  Narcissistic has-been Boyce goes on line and discovers that nobody loves him as much as he thinks he deserves.

Notice that the conflicts in all these stories are rooted in well-defined characters facing situations that test their beliefs and values.
Family-loving up against family breaking up.
Moral conservative facing flagrant girl-on-girl amorousness.
Narcissism vs. impersonal world of social networking.

So, now for the prompts:
Think of a character with strong values or beliefs.  What does that character care most about?  What is the worst thing that could happen to him or her?  Make it happen!
What does your character want more than anything?  What huge obstacle prevents him from getting it?  Tell the story.

Looking forward to seeing you next week.
Happy writing!

PS: Elaine took out Pandora’s email address from this post!


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