Gibson Interviews Christopherson—Nicky Valentine

“I’m glad you have decided to talk to me.” Dr Gibson said to Christopherson.
“It’s not like I had much of a choice in the matter.” replied Christopherson.
We all have choices.
My freedom is not a choice
Of course not
What do you want to talk about?
What would you like to talk about Chris?
I’m stuck here just like you are doctor.
And I’m stuck here with you for the next 47 minutes.
Your not really stuck here doctor. You can leave at any time.
I want to be able to pay my bills
And that’s your choice.
True, I’ll make you a deal. Since we both have to be here lets at least make it bearable for the both of us. I don’t want you to dread meeting me and I want to at least find some common ground. I’m not here to judge you. So, we won’t talk about anything that you don’t want to talk about.
“Got any coffee?” Christopherson asks.
“Wanda, get us some fucking coffee. Try to get it hot this time.” Gibson screams evilly into the plastic phone on his desk.
“You really talk to your people like that?” A surprised Christopherson asks.
No, the phone was not on. “Wanda, yes, Mrs Studebaker, would you mind, if you have a minute, could you bring us some coffee? At your convenience. No hurry.
Oh damn, you really talk to her like that?
Yea, I kind of get a kick out of it but I think that people like it when you are polite to them. Wanda is new here and I don’t want her leaving anytime soon. How do you like to be talked to?
I don’t wanna be talked to like that. It’s kinda fake. Nobody really talks like that in real life.
“I do.” said Dr G.
And then she walked in.
Wanda was carrying a silver tray with French Press pots, containers for cream and sugar, fancy utensils, a plate of odd cookies, and a couple of cloth napkins.
There was a slight recognition from Christoph but of course he had seen Wanda when he had initially walked in.
Oh my goodness Mrs. Studebaker, you shouldn’t have gone to so much trouble.
“My pleasure Doctor Gibson. 150 more seconds on the coffee should be perfect.” Wanda replied
Wanda left the room as gracefully as she entered.
Do you have any questions about what I do? Gibson asked Chris
I have a pretty good idea about what you do
Your a pretty good writer I understand. says Gibson
That’s why I seem to be here, I understand.
Have you done much writing besides the newspaper?
I have been writing a lot for school. English and basic classes.
Much creative writing?
Well yes.
You seem to have quite an imagination.
You get that from our conversation.
I get that from the article you wrote on the circus.
Everyone assumed that it was true. I never said any of it was true.
You reviewed the circus. Your article was in the Arts section of the newspaper. And your article was in the newspaper, not a place people usually go for short stories.
I get it.
You might find it difficult to find employment at other newspapers.
I won’t. I don’t want to work at a newspaper ever again. I’m pretty sure the circus is out of the question as well.
Thanks to your article there is no more circus. The circus didn’t make enough money to leave this town.
It’s just as well.
What have you got against the circus?
Nothing. I have no problems with any circus.
Most of the people that have worked for the circus did not get paid and have been living and working right here in Colorado Springs.
Should I be scared?
I don’t know, should you? You pissed a lot of people off. There are a lot of people here in this town that are stuck her at least temporally because of you.
It’s not my fault.
I almost agree with you. It’s not your fault that these people decided it would be a good idea to get a job with the circus. Although it is your fault that the circus shut down right here in Colorado Springs and didn’t pay anyone their last checks.
My fault?
Your article said that the circus folk are a bunch of thieves and when they are not preforming they are out robbing convenience stores and liquor stores. Nobody wants that in their town. Our town had more people protesting the circus than people that actually paid to get into the circus. Did you ever meet anyone of the people who’s lives you tried to ruin?
And then she walked in
Wanda asked if everyone was alright. “Does anyone want anymore coffee?”
Christopherson recognized Mrs Studebaker.

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