Our class notes

The BBC Studio Writers had a great class last Tuesday. We discussed Nick’s story from the week before and then started in with the new batch of stories “Think of a character with strong values or beliefs.  What does that character care most about?  What is the worst thing that could happen to him or her?  Make it happen!
What does your character want more than anything?  What huge obstacle prevents him from getting it?  Tell the story.”

We have a nice batch of stories from that assignment.  One of our main responses is that we all want to hear MORE! The characters and the situations are so intriguing that they seem to take flight.

Ruth pointed out: (or my take on what she says!)

Perhaps we are walking away from the story, what more is going on off screen, the thing you are burying might be what you should write about.  We should ask ourselves why we are not addressing the whole story.

On this blog we can write our thoughts about what we are learning and the internal process we go through to get the story written.

REMINDER: NO CLASS 2-14.  We’ll be back on the 21st with Valentine’s Day stories. If you have trouble uploading to this blog just email me and I can do it in a sec.

Ben Cartwright  to Hoss “We can’t be responsible for everything that happens in life.” I am hooked on Bonanza!!!!

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This blog is me archiving the BBC Studio Writers Workshop.

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