How to spend her money—Clark Humphrey

She had been thinking long and hard about how she was going to spend the money.

There were the bills, of course. 

After those, there wasn’t nearly enough left to set her up for life. Just a two or three years, after which she’d be back pounding the pavement for whatever work there was in this town (or some other town) for a highly experienced supervising records clerk, work that hasn’t already been outsourced to some dollar-an-hour keyboard jockey in Costa Rica.

She could go to some community college to pick up a new trade. But what? By the time she became qualified to be a home-care nurse, she’d need one. Everything else that anybody was being hired for demanded at least a BA degree plus experience. She wasn’t going to spend the next four years studying for something she’d only do for eight years at the most after that. 

That would be, at the most, a backup plan. 

Something to go back to if plans A through C didn’t work out. 

So: Her plans A through C, in no particular order: 

• Budget travel, around the world. No particular destination. No particular itinerary. Perhaps hold up in one spot for a while, if a job and/or a man and/or a particularly spectacular place to live show up. She could just see herself lazing on some foreign nude beach, her beauty so easily outshining that of the empty headed young girls, being fed cocktails by a distinguished exotic gentleman who’s used his local influence to let her stay there with no visa hassles, because she can love him like no local woman can. Yeah, that’s not bloody likely, but why not try?

• Determine where in the US of A she’d most like to live, or where there might be work for someone like her. But did she really want to run another records center, even if there still were any that were hiring? And, aside from the weather, wasn’t any one part of America just the same as any other anymore? 

• Make her own destiny. Start her own business. Maybe she could take her wrongful-termination money and run her own records center. Compete directly with the jerks who fired her. Besides, she hears it’s warm all year round in Costa Rica.


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