How We Roll at BBCSTUDIO Writes!

All classes meet at the studio between 7:30-7:40 PM on Tuesday nights and we go forth for an hour or so.

All of the stories are published on our WordPress blog site. It is good if you can upload your stories here. If you have trouble I can post them up. The username is bbcstudiowrites and the password is 2306Bell—that’s a capital B. You scroll down on the right hand column there will be a place to login. Once you are in go to add new post. I just copy the story and paste it into the body and add my title and name. You then look over to the right and press the publish button and Tout a coup you are published to the site.

Our writer’s class is concerned with fiction—“Prose literature, esp. short stories and novels, about imaginary events and people, invention or fabrication as opposed to fact.” We usually have an in class writing assignment either before the discussions or afterwards. We go around the room to discuss “What Pops?”  Ruth gives us positive written feedback on our stories so it is most important to—-get our stories written and submitted by the Monday night before so that we all have time to read each other’s stories and Ruth can comment.

When we write a story we send it to all of us on the email list. I will check the list before this weekend. You can just hit reply to all. This is so that first of all, Ruth can read and critique the story and also so all of us can read the story for discussion during the class time. Send Ruth your story in a WORD.DOC. Each class is only $10 cash or check.

Sometime this year I would like to publish an anthology of stories from the group on the Amazon CreateSpace site. It is so easy and CHEAP. Each book costs about 4 bucks and includes shipping. You will LOVE this. Great for showing your family the contents of your crazy brains!!!

A lot of great writers offer you free tips on how to be a great writer, Vonnegut too.

Here is a good site for formatting your story especially if you want to submit to contests etc.—

This is a great book to help work on the craft.—

Here is a good reference on how long different fictions should be or could be.—




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This blog is me archiving the BBC Studio Writers Workshop.

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