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Bulldozer Rampage


In this exclusive interview, the first since the band’s dramatic final show and subsequent break-up 20 years ago, the former lead singer of Bulldozer Rampage talks to MTV personality Metal Head Mike about that final show, addictions and life post ‘Dozer.


Metal Head Mike: So it’s been awhile since we’ve last spoken, and I’d just like to ask what have you been up to these last 20 years?

Bull Dozer: Well, I’ve been doing a little of this and a little of that. Prison. Rehab. Helping my mom out with her business selling the Herbalife, ya’ know? Living there in her basement makes the commute to work pretty sweet! And I’m still working part-time down at Walmart, with the testing they know I’m clean. Though they don’t usually let dudes with visible tattoos work the floor I’ve been there long enough to get some overnight shifts since they went 24 hours.

MHM: Ah, I see you do have some visible tatts. And I hear we can now address you officially as the “Bull”?

BD: Yep. Got the name changed officially. You can see here the tattoo I got when we were still a band…[shows his knuckles with the words “BULL” on the right hand and “OZER” on the left]. We had to put the “D” on my thumb but I lost that in the accident…

MHM: I wasn’t sure if we’d get to talk about it but since you brought it up, what happened on that night?

BD: Well you know if I could ever have amnesia, the thing I’d most like to forget would be that night. I was pretty wasted on cough syrup you know and…

MHM: [Clears throat] Cough syrup?!

BD: Yeah, I had a pretty bad habit at that point. Lot’s of free Robitussin DM from work. Even tried to go to rehab before the accident for my addiction but no insurance working at Wally World you know.

MHM: So while other musicians were struggling and dying from drugs like cocaine and heroin you were on [raises hands to make air quotes] “the DM”?

BD: Yeah, I’m not proud of that time of my life. Made me do some pretty stupid shit.

MHM: Like drive a bulldozer onto the stage during your last performance?

BD: Yeah, that.

MHM: So how in the hell did you get a bulldozer onto the stage? And where did you get the thing?

BD: We were playing one of those enormous festivals where they set up a big stage in the middle of some farmer’s cow pasture.

MHM: This was the Ozz Fest in ’03 down in Enumclaw right? Total cow fest! I remember the stench when it started to rain. Smelled like a freaking feed-lot!

BD: So we were waiting around all day to go on, I was pretty high on DM and saw this big yellow Caterpillar bulldozer sitting over on one side of the field in the back stage area. I think the farmer used it to scrape all that cow shit off the field before the crowds came in.  Anyway, I told the guys we should go take some awesome band photos on the bulldozer and the guys were all like “No way man! I don’t want to get cow-shit on my leather pants!” And I was like “Pussies!” so I went over there by myself to check it out. As I climbed up into the seat to have a smoke I noticed the keys were still in the ignition. I’d driven a ditch witch with my Uncle doing irrigation jobs one summer so I felt like I knew what I was doing. When I heard the guitar solo that started our set I realized the guys had gone on without me…

MHM: Things were reportedly tense between you and Niles the lead guitarist at this point. Rumors of his trying to kick you out had been circulating. True?

BD: Yeah man. He just couldn’t handle that I was getting all the chicks and getting all the interviews.

MHM: He did write all the songs…

BD: Yeah, but without me the band would suck!

MHM: Hmmm. So back to the concert…

BD: So I fired that bulldozer up and put in into gear and started driving it up the back load-in ramp. I thought it would be the most awesome entrance of all time.

MHM: So you didn’t mean to cut the power lines to the whole stage?

BD: No way man! That was a total accident. And I didn’t mean to run over the drums either.

MHM: Good thing the drummer wasn’t sitting there yet! But what about Niles?

BD: Yeah, well, I didn’t mean to hurt him either. I mean I only ran over his feet. He can still play guitar and all.

MHM: From a chair.

BD: Yeah, that sucks. But I lost my thumb too man! I mean I was trying to figure out how to get the thing off him when my thumb got smashed by the tracks of the ‘dozer.

MHM: So that evening kind of put the end to your music career?

BD: Yeah, haven’t been onstage since. I’m just focusing on my career and living one day at a time

MHM: Well good luck with that! That’s all the time we have. Thank you to our guest Bull Dozer. [Turning to face the camera]Tune in next week when I will be talking to another former member of Bulldozer Rampage about their recently announced 20th anniversary reunion show!

BD: Wait a minute!! What reunion?!!




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