But I DO Mean It—Clark Humphrey

What I meant to say was what I thought I’d said.

Because that’s what I meant. 

Not the complete opposite of what I’d said, but what I said.

Yes, really. 

No, not kidding. 

No, REALLY not kidding.

I had no intention to insult, harass, catcall, or stalk you. 

When I said I found you attractive, it did NOT mean I wished I could abduct and/or assault you. 

It did not mean I discounted or dismissed any of your non-appearance-related qualities and achievements, of which I’m certain you have many.

It did NOT mean I wanted to send you, and by extension all women, back into the kitchen.

It did NOT mean I approved of “The Patriarchy.” I don’t even know what that means. 

If you mean a conspiracy by all men against all women, you don’t know the extent to which men can hate each other. (You know how men make these little things called “wars,” right?)

So, no. 

When I say I like you, it doesn’t mean I hate you. 

It means I like you.



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