45 Questions—Clark Humphrey

Can I ask you a question?

CAN you?

MAY I ask you a question?

What is the question?

Why is the sky blue?

Do you want a scientific or a philosophical answer?

Is there a difference?

Do you mean a practical difference, or an aesthetic difference?

Is there really such a difference?

Shouldn’t you instead ask, does such a difference matter?

Well, does such a difference matter?

Shouldn’t you know that answer by now?

Doesn’t such an answer depend on the specific circumstances?

Well, DOES it?

Why would it not?

Why would it?

In a police crime scene photo, what’s more important: the artistic quality of the image, or the visual information about the crime and its aftermath?

And will you then ask, would the same answer be true in an art photographer’s imitation of a crime scene photo?

Would you be more disappointed if I said that or if I didn’t?

Would you please get back to the original point?

Do you even remember what the original point was?

If I said it didn’t matter, would you believe me?

If you said it didn’t matter, would it be because you’ve forgotten it yourself?

Are you trying to further confuse the issue?

Why, what with all YOUR digressions, would you charge ME with further confusing the issue?

Does that mean you’re denying trying to confuse me?

Does that mean you won’t answer the question?

Which question?

Why won’t you answer the question “why is the sky blue”?

Do you really want to know?

Are you really capable of telling me?

What kind of answer do you want?

What have you got?

Do you want a physics-related explanation about the refraction of sunlight in the Earth’s atmosphere, or….

What is my next choice?

Or do you want an optics-related explanation about how the eye and the brain process parts of the light spectrum into colors, or….

Have you got another option?

Or do you want an aesthetics-related explanation about how the mind perceives different shades of different colors, alone and in combination with other colors, or….

You mean you’ve got one more choice?

Or do you want a psychology-based explanation about how people, at least westerners, treat “sunny” as something positive but “blue” as something negative?

You want to know my REAL question?

What’s your REAL question?

Did I do a good job this time, daddy?

Oh Roxy, can any dad ever hope for a smarter daughter than you?

CAN they?


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