But it’s Not Me! By Dalmatia Fleming

But it’s Not Me! By Dalmatia Fleming

“Mom, I’m so nervous, what if I don’t get this summer internship because they think I have ‘a record’ which is a total crock, because I don’t HAVE a record, Angela does, not me. Then, what if I can’t get a job after I graduate.”

“Honey, let’s just take it one step at a time. Just follow the attorney’s advice. He said if there’s a box on the application that states ‘Have you even been arrested’, then mark the box yes. Then in the explanation section, state that it wasn’t you, it was someone who had your ID and got arrested in your name. If there is a photo attached to the record, they can tell it’s not you.”

“This TOTALLY sucks!”

I know honey, but I think the attorney has given you good advice and you need to follow it. If some future employer can’t bother to follow through with this, then you don’t want to work for them anyway.”

“Hey, Jessica.”


“You just got a new driver’s license, right?”


“What’d you do with your old one?”


“Can I have it?”

“What for?”

“Angela could use it; you both have really blond hair. I think she could pass for you. Then she can get into the bars with me.”

…”uh… well… what do you guys do now. I mean, I know she gets into bars with you now.”

“She has some fake ID, but it’s really fakey. I’m sure the only reason she can pull it off is because it’s dark in there. Your old driver’s license would be a lot better.”

…”Well, has she ever NOT been allowed in bars because of her fake ID?”

“Not yet. But it’s just a matter of time. Don’t throw your old one away, just give it to me to give to Angela. We’re going to ‘Freak Night’ and we sure don’t want to get turned away from that.”

…Well, OK, I guess.”

“Thanks sis!”

Jeremy and Angela caught the party bus to Freak Night. When they arrived, the place was so packed that there was a huge group of people milling around outside. Jeremy and Angela found their friends Jason and Steph.

“Wow, how long have you guys been waiting out here?”

“About half an hour. They say we probably won’t get in for another thirty minutes or so.”

“Brrr…I should have worn a coat.”

“Yeah, that costume’s not much bigger than your swim suit. Here, I’ll share some body heat with you.” Jeremy but his arms around Angela and they locked in a bear hug. “That’s better.” They kissed.

Suddenly Jeremy, Angela, and about five other people standing in their vicinity were knocked to the ground as a gang of people plowed into them. Jeremy hit his head on the ground, but immediately jumped back up and was ready to take anyone on. “What the hell is going on!”
Jason grabbed Jeremy’s arm. “Hey, easy, I think they’re gone now. Just some idiots who ran through.”

Jeremy turned back and reached his hand down to help Angela up, when someone punched him in the face. Jeremy, Angela, Jason and Steph suddenly found themselves in the middle of a melee; arms, legs and profanity flying. The cops appeared and began to cuff some of the young men.

“Let go of him, he didn’t do anything” Angela screamed as a cop started to cuff Jeremy. Angela practically threw herself onto the cop piggy-back style to get him to stop. “He didn’t DO anything! He didn’t do ANYTHING”, she kept screaming.

Soon a few aid cars arrived. Many of the young men looked to be in pretty bad shape and were taken to the hospital, including Jeremy. Angela, along with others, were cuffed, put in a cop car and taken to jail.

Hair disheveled, Angela stared into the camera for her mug shot.

“OK Miss, I see your name is Jessica Holly Warren.

…”No…no…” Angela said sobbing. “That’s not me.”

“What do you mean it’s not you?”

“That’s my boyfriend’s sister.” Angela was now sobbing out of control.
…”Oh… OK… So, do you have any real ID on you?”


“Then who are you.”

“…Angela Michele Thompson.”

“And how old are you.”

…”Twenty”… Angela was again sobbing out of control.

…sigh… “OK, well… I have to fill out this report using the ID you have on you. We’ll deal with the fact that you’re not that person or that age when the report is finished. That’s another issue. Go sit down over there for now.”


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