This is a story about a Mouse by Shanna

This is a story about a Mouse by Shanna


Mouse looked out the window. The sun was shining brightly, not a cloud was in sight and the wind was blowing gently.

“Oh boy,” he said. “This is a perfect day to fly my new kite.”

Mouse smiled and was excited as he grabbed his kite from under his bed. “I can’t wait to fly my kite,” he thought. “It’s going to fly so high.”

Soon, Mouse arrived at the park. He saw his friend Dog playing with his Frisbee and Squirrel was running up and down the slide. Blue Jay Bird was seeing how high he could fly on the swings.

Mouse unraveled his kite string. He held his kite up with one hand and started running as fast as he could. The wind lifted his kite into the air. It flew up, up, up into the sky.

Mouse ran from one side of the park to the other, his kite flying above him. “This is so much fun,” he thought. All of a sudden a big gust of wind blew Mouse’s kite right into a tree. It landed in the middle of a large bunch of leaves and branches.

“Oh no,” cried Mouse. “My kite is caught!” Mouse tugged on the kite string but that just tangled up the kite in the leaves more. Mouse’s kite was stuck.

“How am I going to get my kite down,” Mouse wondered. He tried jumping, but the kite was too high in the tree for Mouse to touch. He tried to climb up the tree but the kite was too far out in the leaves and he couldn’t reach it.

Mouse frowned. He needed help.

He called out to Dog. “Dog, can you help me get my kite down?”

Dog ran over to Mouse. “I can help you get your kite down,” he said. “My bark is the best in the neighborhood. I’ll bark your kite down.”

Woof! Woof! The kite wobbled in the tree, but didn’t move.

Mouse called out to Squirrel. “Squirrel, can you help me get my kite down?”

Squirrel scampered over to Mouse and Dog. “I can help,” she said. “I have the best arm in the park. I’ll throw my nuts at your kite and make it fall down.”

Thump, thump. The kite wiggled from the force of the nuts but didn’t move.

Mouse called out to Blue Jay Bird. “Blue Jay Bird, can you help me get my kite down?”

Blue Jay Bird flew over to Mouse, Dog and Squirrel. “I’ve got the strongest beak in the nest,” he said. “I can pull the kite out for you.”

Blue Jay Bird flew up to the kite and grabbed it with his beak. He pulled and pulled but the kite didn’t move.

“What are we going to do,” cried Mouse. “I can’t leave my new kite in the tree.”

“What if we all tried together,” suggested Dog.

“That’s a great idea,” cried Mouse, Squirrel, and Blue Jay Bird.

Mouse gripped the kite string. Dog got ready to bark. Squirrel grabbed a handful of nuts. Blue Jay Bird flew up and grabbed the kite.

“One, two, three,” yelled Mouse.  Mouse tugged, Dog barked, Squirrel threw and Blue Jay Bird pulled all at the same time. The kite shifted and suddenly it was loose and fell to the ground.

“We did it,” yelled Dog.

“Thanks for helping me get my kite down,” said Mouse.

“You’re welcome,” said Dog, Squirrel, and Blue Jay Bird.

“Want to fly my kite,” asked Mouse.


Mouse, Dog, Squirrel and Blue Jay Bird had fun the rest of the day flying the kite.


The End


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