Triggers—Tom Gaffney

Loved the stories!

I hope some generous act in my youth will save me –  loved John Leonard’s ranting.

Clark –  play me some Spanish techno,  I have been listening to the same song for too long.

Francey is bow legged?  Really? Changes my image of her, bet she still looks great –  seems Steve thinks so too.

Daniel –  I met a cat named Zuni once.  You have touched on a universal truth: Texas cops are short nasty twits who make trouble when they can’t find any.

Daphne – there is nothing better than a family fight in the airport security line. I know. And I did not have my nails painted.

Blingerman, oh  Blingerman.  Can’t wait to read the rest of B!G DICK’s city municipal confessional. I think Karen knows something about city staff.

Goldie,  oh Goldie,  nothing for you but cold porridge and a lack of redemption. Glad the bears finally wised up. She could at least replace the chair.

And as for Big Bertha,  well,  she’s probably the best boring machine our beloved Seattle town will ever get.

See you all next week.



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