Opportunity Grows – Dalmatia Flemming

Opportunity Grows – Dalmatia Flemming

 Louie emerged from the shower of the most perfect temperature.  The bathroom air was thick with warm, moist air.  He inhaled and exhaled fully and slowly through his mouth, generating a coughing spree.

 Louie donned a terry cloth full length robe.  He wiped the fog off a little portion of the mirror with his sleeve so that he could see himself.  Then he towel dried his hair and brushed his teeth.

 There were little knocks on the bathroom door.  “Louie, I’m going to the grocery store, is there anything in particular that you’d like?” ask his mom.

 Louie opened the door and emerged.  “Hey mom, do you know how great it is to take a hot shower?  AND with soap that smells nice?  Or to be able to brush your teeth without standing in the hallway while you do it because other people are using the bathroom?  And to not have someone pounding on the door telling you to hurry up every time you’re in the bathroom?  I feel like I’m at a spa!”

 “Yes Dear, I’m sure this seems luxurious compared to where you were living in Whistler.”

 “Oh man, this is the best mom.  YOU’RE the best.”  Louie hugged his mom.

 “It’s nice to have you back Louie.”

 “It’s nice to be back mom.”

 Louie poured himself a cup of coffee and headed to the living room, sitting down man-spread style.  He checked his phone for any communications from his friends.  There was a text from Tom, “Louie, u gotta get over here.  FIL wants to do biz with u.”

 “All right!” Louie said out loud to himself.  Then he checked the airfare to Hawaii.

 Louie’s mom walked in the front door.

 “Hi mom, any more bags in the car?  I can help.”

 “Yes, three heavy bags Dear, thanks for getting them.”  Louie brought in the bags and then helped his mom put away the food.

 “Mom, I’m going to Hawaii!”

 “Oh?  First it was snow and now it’s sun?”

 “Yeah, you won’t believe this.  Tom had this girlfriend for about 5 years, a long time.”

 “Tom Sorenson?”

“No, Tom McCann.”

 “… Yes, that pretty Pacific Islander girl.  Stunning … I remember her.  What was her name?”

 “Yeah … uh … I don’t know.  They split up.”

 “Oh, well that’s too bad.  I hope he’s not upset, or her.”

 “No, it’s all OK, they’re still friends.”

 “Well that’s good.”

 “So you know it’s now legal to grow pot in Hawaii.”

 “Really?  When did that happen?  You know, soon it will be legal throughout the whole country.”

 “… Uh, yeah.  Anyway, the way the law is set up is that you can only start a pot growing business if one of the partners is currently a Hawaiian business owner.  Meaning of Hawaiian descent, not just someone who owns a business in Hawaii.”

 “Oh, so is this something the ex-girlfriend is interested in … what was her name?”

 “Mom, I don’t remember … Alani, that’s it.”

 “Yes, that’s it!  What a beautiful name, I bet it means something.  Do you know what it means?”

 “No mom, it doesn’t matter” Louie said bruskly.

 Louie’s mom momentarily stopped what she was doing and looked at Louie.  “Louie?”

 “Yes, mom.”

 “You know that I like to hear about your old friends.  I’ve know them since you all were in kindergarten, or before.  You just got home last night.  Now I know you have a lot to share with me, but we have a few days.  You don’t have to be in such a rush.”

 “Yes, mom.”

 Louie and his mom returned to putting the groceries away.

 “OK, so you were talking about Tom and Alani and pot.”

 “Uh, yeah.  So Alani’s dad, Kalino, is a business owner and Hawaiian, obviously.  Kalino always liked Tom, and they’re still friends too.”

 “That’s nice Dear.”

 “Yeah.  So Kalino mentioned to Tom that he would like to look into starting a grow business and does Tom know anyone who knows about growing.”

 “Well, you do Dear.”

 “I know, so Tom told Kalino about me and Kalino wants to meet me!”

 “Oh, so that’s what this trip is about, it’s not just about sun.”

 “The sun will be nice too, no problem there.”

 “Well, isn’t this nice.  You spend the winter being a ski bum, you come back and it looks like an entrepreneurial opportunity has just fallen into your lap.  I’m very excited for you Louie.”

 “Thanks mom, you’re the best!”


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