Tale of a Tux – Dalmatia Flemming

Tale of a Tux – Dalmatia Flemming


“Fifteen, do I hear 15 … this is your LAST CHANCE to have YOUR pet on the February calendar for the 2017 Animal Society Foundation’s calendar.  All other months have been sold … this is your LAST CHANCE … 15 going once … 15 going twice … SOLD for $1,400.00 to number 270!

Hannah could not believe she could be so impulsive.

The auctioneer approached Hannah and shoved a mic in her face, “And who is the lucky pet” he ask.”

“Alex, the tuxedo cat.”

“Well, congratulations Alex!”


The big photo shoot day had arrived.  The day before, Hannah gave Alex a good brushing.  He was looking good, but then Alex always looked good.

The photo shoot was a breeze.  Alex was his usual charming and easy-going self.  The photographer got some great photos of him:  Alex in front of the bookcases – he seemed to instinctively know how to look like a Professor, some against a greenish-yellow wall – he rolled around like he was high on cat nip and a member of Andy Warhol’s factory, and some by the window with a city view behind him – now looking like Alex the World Traveler.  The photographer said she had never worked with a pet as mutable as Alex and thought he had real star quality.  Hannah ordered calendars for everyone she knew as a Holiday present.


Ellen’s raucous party was winding down.  Jeff, her co-worker brought his girlfriend Sienna who was now three-quarters smashed.  Struggling to put on her coat while coincidentally standing face to face with the calendar on the wall, she said “look at this cat, who is he!? … Oh wait … it’s a calendar … like you’re going to know who the cat is.”

“Well, actually I do.  It’s my friend’s cat.”

“I’ll email you on Monday.  You know, I’m a Specialty Modeling Agent.  I think I have work for this cat.”

“Ok, I’ll look for it.”  Like that’s ever going to happen, Ellen silently mused.  She’s too drunk to remember.

Sure enough, on Monday morning, Ellen sees and email from Sienna.  And it’s quite intelligible.  Ellen forwards it to her friend Hannah.


Hannah reads the email and thinks back to what the photographer had said the day of the photo shoot, that Alex had real star quality.  She remembered how fun that day was …wouldn’t it be a hoot to retire and act as Alex’s agent?  Hannah fired off an email to Sienna as Alex lounged in the window, unaware of what might lie ahead ….


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